The main objective of this project is to provide security to the computer system. It will develop a system which asks the user to enter his personal password during computer booting. Once this software is installed in the PC, user cannot skip this process.

User can’t enter to the next screen without providing the correct password. If he entered wrong password then system reboots. We can prevent unauthorized entries in to our system by using this system. When user entered correct password then only he can make changes in the system like modifying his password and encryption key.

So, by using this software user can protect his computer system which is using Windows 98/XP as its operating system. Once user is installed this software and entered a password during the setup of software then any user cannot skip password checking process. System will be completely protected by the entered password. The main advantage of this software is by using this system user can prevent his PC from getting hacked by unauthorized users i.e. hackers.


SUDOKU is the gaming software which is designed for the students PC. It provide stability and to have a broader outlook. We have to implement the guest mode for temporary or infrequent access of the host’s computer. This software supports limited access to PC because it is a student based version. Hence we limited no. of users to PC. This project is having sample numbers in the appropriate position and for winning this game student user must fill the remaining numbers in the correct order. It is simple game and student can easily understand it. Once user gets to know how to play this game, it is very interesting game.


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