Pro-net Communication project

Pro-net Communication project

Intranet uses low cost and famous internet tools to gain strategic advantage over its competitors. These tools improve operational effectiveness and reduce costs. Generally, an Intranet has three features lacking on the Internet and they are given below:

• Security – A firewall protects private internal network (LAN /WAN) from Internet users.

• Control – enterprise network management to ensure the reliability.

• Speed – broad bandwidth

The Intranet can be used as an information utility for the enterprise. We can use the intranet in the UNIX, Windows or Mac workstation and then we can browse the web and can send the e-mails, videos, audio files to others. By using e-mail (SMTP), WWW, File transfer (FTP) and other Internet services, we can access the corporate and department information.

Intranet has crossed many organizational and technology barriers that were created in the past.  By using their own security and domains, web solutions protects the department LAN systems. Without changing the LAN security structures, they make the information available to everyone in the corporation.

Existing System:

• In the existing system, we can’t attach large amount of data.

• There will be some delay in sending the offline messages.

Proposed System:

  • The proposed system will reduce the delay in transfer of data and it provides Group chatting features.
  • It sends large amounts of data through attachments and off-line messages quickly.


The two main modules of this application are given below:

1) Mailing

In this module, the task of sending large amounts of data through attachments and off-line messages is accomplished.

2) Chatting

In this module, we have achieved the direct information transfer, Group chatting features and reduction of delay in transfer of data.

During the implementation of this project, the user will come across the following forms:

  • New user frame
  • Login frame
  • Start frame
  • Mail list frame
  • Forgot password frame

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional/XP

Programming Package: CORE JAVA

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Pentium III or higher

RAM: Minimum 128 MB RAM

Hard disk: 20 GB HDD or more

Network Interface Card: 32 BIT Ethernet Hub