Business Service Engine

The main objective of the Online Business Service Engine is to give solution and clarification to the queries and problems of the customers. An organization/company will have many products and services and they can offer those products & services to the customers. Based on the offered service or type of business, the customers may have many problems, doubts and complaints with company.  In this system, the user can submit his complaints and queries to the company/organization through online.

By using Business Service Engine, a company or business organization can give online support to its customers. It may include the customer’s complaints and questions about the products and services of company or organization. Manual system can solve complaints of the customers but time will play an important role in the customer satisfaction. This system will solve the problems and complaints of customers quickly.

A customer always wants better service from the company or organization. The organization should satisfy their customer’s requirements and solve their problems as soon as possible. Now all organizations and companies are using online system. Nowadays, Online Business Service Engine is very useful for the organizations and companies.


Objectives of the Project

The manual submission of complaints and customer servicing is very slow process of the business. Customers need to wait for long time to get solution for their problems. The accuracy of complaint solving and time delay for a response will play an important role in the customer servicing. The proposed system is developed to solve the drawbacks of the manual system and it should satisfy the needs of customers. By using Business service engine system, customers should get appropriate solutions to their problems, complaints very quickly. This system should work very efficiently and must provide online support to the customers.

The customers may have many problems which cannot be solved at the same time with full support by the business. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of the business. By using this system, the customer can submit his problems/queries through online at any time, without any constraints. Customers can explain their complaint/problems to the company, without any hesitation. This system provides online support to the customers and it solves the problems of customers quickly and efficiently. By using the complaint no, the customer can view the status of the complaint at any time and he will get solution to his problems within a day. This system provides brief solution to the customer’s problems and saves the valuable time of customers.



Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel P-VI based system

Processor Speed: 250 MHz to 833MHz

RAM: Minimum 512MB

Hard Disk: 2GB HDD or more

Key Board: 104 keys

Mouse: Optical mouse


Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, 2003

Front End: Visual Studio .Net 2005

Back End: SQL Server-2005, Oracle-9i

Language: C# .Net

Web Technologies: HTML, Java Script, ASP.NET

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