The online content management system is an application that will help in managing content of the websites with great ease. This type of applications is in great demand. It will be mainly used by the content writers. The articles, blogs, files, images, audio files, video files etc are managed through this application with great ease. This application will help in building the blog website through the use of the content with great ease. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. This will be one of the applications that one can work on and implement in real time world.

These kinds of websites are usually managed by the content writers. The content management system is the CMS system. This application will allow the users in storing huge amount of data online with great ease. The users can publish and manage the contents of their website through online. The users can use this application with great ease. It will be one of the good applications that the final year students can implement in the real time world. This application will allow in maintaining the contents with great ease by the users. The modules that can be included in the online content management system application are as follows:

  • Login module: This module will be only for the admin where they will be able the upload the blogs or contents.
  • Content module: This module will allow the administrator to upload the images, documents, files, contents, videos etc with great ease.
  • Category module: The articles can be categorized based on the articles that are posted.
  • Article module: The administrator can publish the articles by entering the article name, description, category etc.
  • Blog module: The public users can publish the articles with great ease through this application.

Online Content Management system

Online Content Management system

Features of the project:

  • Users can manage their contents online. For each contents user can enter title, content description, content category and it has multiple image upload option.
  • The user’s can store all kinds of images under one document.
  • This script has two option to publish contents. In the protected mode the user can publish contents and only administrators can view the uploaded content. In the public mode published contents will display for public users who referring the site.
  • Only the administrator can publish contents. Administrator has to enter unique login credentials to open the account page.
  • The account page contains Add category, edit category, publish content, view contents, etc.
  • The administrator can create different types of categories to publish content. View contents module displays the published contents. Admin can edit, update or delete the contents.

This is the simple source code created in the MVC structure. For design separate pages created and for coding we have created separate pages. The design created in .tpl files and .asp extension stores asp files.

Note: copy the _config.asp file from the template you desire to this directories and rename it to config.asp. The links and the content can be added via /content/links.txt. The admin password is also set in config.asp.

Download project source code:


Here we shared project source code. If you have any doubts kindly post your queries in the comment box.



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