Inter college Event Manager is the website application is used for arranging online event for various colleges which come under Mysore University. The events are scheduled by the Mysore University and the various colleges which are taking part in the event should register online using this website. After the registration, the colleges should check for the location where the event is taking place. After the competitions is held, the result will be announced. Current Student secretary information’s will be given by the respective colleges. The Mysore University will post the information details for the elections. After this, every college will nominate a candidate for the head of the overall college representative’s post of the Mysore University. Each college secretaries will vote for this post through this website.

Present and Proposed System

In Current system all inter college events are handled manually. Also students will find it difficult to get the required information about the events schedule like where exactly the particular event is going on. Proposed system will provide all the information about the events at one place, also reduces the travelling between the colleges for inviting the students to the events. This will save students time as well as money.


  1. Inter collegiate event management project make easy ways to connect university and various college under it through this website.
  2. University can add the college and give the code to each college. After that interested college can register to this website under the Mysore university.
  3. The university can conduct the election through this website and all work of this election can be taken place in this website and voting process also can be take place through online and result will display.
  4. The event which are going to held under the university and various college can announce through this
  5. Website and student can register their name for events and result are also display of various event took place.
  6. The college can update and give the comment upon events and college can share their pics of events held on their college.

PROJECT MODULES of Inter college Event Manager


  •    Admin login.
  •    College admin login.
  •    Student login.

University ADMIN

  • Manage events.
  • Change password.
  • View reports.
  • Add view course.
  • View university head election.
  • View student information.


  •  College registration.
  •  Student registration.
  •  Manage events.
  •  Nomination for university held election.
  •  Update profile.
  •  Change password


  • Login.
  • View events.
  • Register name for fest.
  • Vote for security candidate
  • View event result and election result.

DOWNLOAD Inter college Event Manager

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