Bus Time Keeper is the web application developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server. There are buses made available for passengers travelling distances, but not many passengers have complete information about these buses. Complete information namely the number of buses that go to the required destination, bus numbers, bus timings, the routes through which the bus would pass, time taken for the bus to reach, maps that would guide the passenger with his/her route.

Bus Time Keeper

Bus Time Keeper will provide the information about all the bus timings from one place to another place. User need to give the details of source and destination. Accordingly it will display the details of the bus number which is going in that route.

Now, world turns to get everything in online and peoples also doesn’t want to waste the time. Bus Time Keeper catches this point and provide the best opportunity for the students and passengers to get bus passes in online and eliminate the need to stand in queues for passes or collecting a ticket for each journey.

User need to register with the application by submitting details of photo, address proof, and required details and submit through online. They will verify your details and if they are satisfied they will approve bus pass. You can even renewal using credit card or other wire transfer methods. After submitting the information correctly, they can download the online bus pass.

Features of Bus Time Keeper:

  • Add/Edit/Delete/View bus details
  • Login panel
  • Applying for student pass
  • Admin side approval or reject option
  • Bus timings with arrival and destination location
  • Change password
  • Contact module
  • View Bus timings
  • Settings module
  • Profile module
  • User module
  • Print module
  • Bus pass renewal module
  • Add/ Edit/ View/ Delete Bus timings
  • View Bus pass
  • and Many more


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