The ASP.NET Online Exam System project is to provide online facility to Institutes to conduct online exams and to Students to give online exams. Institutes can enter and edit the questions along with the students list. Also they can view the result. Students can login and give their respective exams and view their score then and there. Others can view sample papers to get look and feel of the online examination system.

Online Examination System is a software application which allows a particular company or institute to arrange, conduct and manage any objective examination via online. This project developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server used as backend of the project.

The scope and limitations:

The website to conduct online examination is “OnlineExams4U”. This Website provides facility to institutes to conduct online exams by providing a unique id to each institute. The institute provides questions along with positive and negative marks. Institute also enters the list of eligible students. All the information entered can be later edited by the institute. In turn student can login with their id, name and institute id to give the exams and can view their result then and there. Institutes can also view the result of their students.

  • The on-line exam system design to educational institutes.
  • Hold all operation and generate reports to student, teachers and administrator.
  • Support multiple choices questions.
  • Allow the student to pro choice the answer and to see his mark.
  • Verify a security, authority and safety.


  Short name description
1 OES On-line Exam System
2 On-line Exam An exam written on a web site and solves the questions, also on the same web site from any place by entered user name and password.
3 Administrator Who is responsible to create a new course, delete course, add member or delete it, i.e.: the person who control the system
4 Faculty member A teacher in the faculty

Modules of Online Exam System

  • Candidate module: The candidate will logon to the software and take his examination. He can also check his previous examinations marks and his details. The candidate will get result immediately after the completion of the examination.
  • Examiner module: The database is prepared & loaded into the software. Selection for examination can be done language wise by the examiner. The results will be displayed immediately after completion of the examination.
  • Administrator module: The administrator collects all the results after successful completion of the examination and sends to the head quarters as and when required.

The features that are available to the Administrator are:

  • The administrator has the full fledged rights over the OES.
  • Can create/delete an account.
  • Can view the accounts.
  • Can change the password.
  • Can hide any kind of features from the both of users.
  • Insert/delete/edit the information of available on OES.
  • Can access all the accounts of the faculty members/students.

The features available to the Students are:

  • Can view the different categories of Test available in their account.
  • Can change password.
  • Can view their marks.
  • Can view the various reading material.
  • Can view and modify its profile but can modify it to some limited range.

The features available to the Examiner are:

  • Can view the different categories of Test conducted by users.
  • Can change password.
  • Can view their marks.
  • Can view and modify Results.

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