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Today, in order to know TV programs schedule, the user needs to watch daily programs schedule on TV or check the newspapers. This existing system consumes more time. To solve this problem, we developed TV programs guide project. By using this project, the user can get TV programs schedule on his android mobile phone. So that, he can check TV programs schedule at any time on his mobile phone. Also, he can add a remainder about specific TV program such as movie, cricket match, serials etc. TV programs guide application will remind the user at the beginning of specific TV program.


TV programs guide is an android application and it is easy to use. The main features of this application are given below:

By using this application, the user can view channel list based on language.

He can add particular TV show as favorite.

It allows user to search for a particular TV show/channel.

It allows the user to add reminder for a particular show.

The user can view the schedule of TV shows for a particular channel.

Also, he can see what’s playing on each TV channel right now.


Mobile Application:

SQLite Database on Android

GPRS (for internet connectivity between mobile and server)

Google Android platform


Server Application:

ASP.Net (For Admin login, Adding channels, adding show’s)

SQL Server 2000/05

REST Service


Software Requirements

Android SDK 1.5 or above

VS.2008 (, C#, and REST Service)

SQL Server 2000 or above

Eclipse IDE


Hardware Requirements

Android Mobile phone with GPRS connection



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