Mobile Broker

Nowadays, the number of mobile users is increasing very quickly all over the world. By using mobile, a person can browse internet, check e-mails, interact with his friends etc. Mobile broker application is an android application. By using this application, the user can view the share values and statistics of the companies registered with national stock exchange. It saves time and works very efficiently.  The user can view share market updates at any time using Mobile broker application.


Mobile broker is developed in C# language using Microsoft .Net technology. By using web site scrapping, this application will fetch the real time data from NSE website. It is very helpful for the peoples who invest money in share market. It will send daily alerts about share values and statistics of various companies. So, the user needs not to watch the NSE web site every time for the share information updates. He can do his other important jobs and can check share market updates on his mobile at any time. This application works as a personal broker and provides detailed information and alerts about share values in national stock exchange.  It is user-friendly and easy to use.


Software Requirements

Microsoft .Net framework 2.0

Visual studio 2005

C# .Net


Hardware Requirements

Android mobile phone with GPS and GPRS connection


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