Mobile Banking

Today, bank customers can know their bank account details through net banking or by going to the bank. But, they can’t involve in the bank process directly and can’t make bank transactions at any time.  We are developing mobile banking project to solve this problem. The main objective of the mobile banking project is to mobilize the bank process. By using this project, the user can access his account information and view bank account details through his personal mobile. This project reduces customer transaction-time.  The user can use this proposed project at any place and at any time.

Mobile banking project enables the user to verify his cheque and demand draft details if another person sent a demand draft or cheque. Also, he can transfer money from his bank account to his family members and friends easily and quickly.  In this system, all bank transactions are very secure. By using this system, the user can check his account balance and transaction details. The Mobile Banking System runs in a mobile browser (Nokia simulator).

The two main parts of this project are given below:

  • Server – is present at mobile banking server in the form of downloaded application module.
  • Client – is present at each and every client’s mobile.

By using WAP technology, the server and the client are connected to each other over the internet. The mobile banking project provides the user to access his bank account through his mobile. By using this project, he can pay his electricity bill, telephone bill and can recharge his mobile at any time. Also, he can use the services provided by bank and can transfer money to another person’s bank account from anywhere in the world.  The user can receive money from his business associates or friends or other persons. This project is very user-friendly and works efficiently.




Web Server: Apache Tomcat Server 5.0.25

Browser: Nokia Simulator 5.0

Language: J2EE

Server side scripting: JSP

Client side scripting: HTML, WML

Back End: MS Access


Processor: Intel Pentium III

RAM: Minimum 128 MB

Hard Disk: 4 GB HDD or more

Display Card: Super Video Graphics Adapter (SVGA)

Clock Speed: Minimum 667 MHz

Mouse: Logitech Serial Mouse

Keyboard: Standard 104 Enhanced Key board

Cache Memory: 11,011,968 Bytes

Virtual Memory: 32 MB


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