Wholesale management system is the process of buying the stocks from the buyers and then selling it to the customers. It acts as a middle person between the buyers and the sellers. The manager has to buy the stock from the buyers. Managing the details that is regarding the whole sale is not possible to be kept in track through the pen paper mode. It requires the database system where we can store the information of the people involved in the whole sale system management. It can be stored clearly in the database with more precision and can avoid the redundant data.

The wholesale management database system can contain the details of the stock that is brought from the buyers like id, name, quantity etc. The information of the buyers like buyer id, name, stock, address, contact number etc can be collected and stored in the database. The manager is responsible for collecting all these information regarding the buyers. In case of any complaints about the stock that is purchased from the particular buyer then you will be able to contact him at ease. There will be customers who will be having the pending bills that need to be cleared and can be contacted about the pending payment. The profit per month is calculated after deducting all the expenditures spent. So the profit of every month can also be stored. If you want to know the profit gained five years back, you can get it done through this database. Quantity cannot be sold to the customer if the amount is not present in the stock. The date of delivery can be maintained up to which the stock can be provided.

Wholesale Management System

The features that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Stocks management system: The details of the stocks that are present or available can be easily maintained through this application.
  • Customers database management: The details of the customers like name, customer id, address, contact number who buys the stock that is purchased can also be stored.
  • Sales management: The sales that have taken place on the particular day or month can be calculated through this application.

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