The institute management system deals in providing user friendly access to the software so that they can answer to the queries that are concerned to them. This will reduce in data redundancy. This application can provide searching facilities based on various factors. It can provide the details of the course details and the fees of the course. The students records can be tracked online easily through this application. It can also help in managing the placement records. Also the adding, deleting or updating the records can be done easily through this application. This will be one of the interesting projects that one can work on and help in smooth running of the activities of the institute.

Institute Management System Software Application

This application can help in reducing the pen paper work of the staffs. Most of the information related to the institute can be obtained with ease through this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to use. This will be one of the good projects that one can work and implement in real time world. It helps the institute to store the data with ease. The features that can be included in the institute management system software application are as follows:

  • Students attendance: The details of the attendance of the students can be updated through the use of this application.
  • Students performance and analysis: The performance of the students can be analyzed easily just by logging in through this application.
  • Staff profile management: The details related to the staffs of the institutes can be managed easily through this application.
  • Reports: The performance reports of the students can be generated through this application.
  • Results: The results of the students can also be obtained through this application easily.
  • Courses available: The details of the courses that are available can be obtained through the use of this application.

Project modules:

  • Master, Transaction Modules: Master and transaction module is developed to maintain enquiry, student details, admission, courses, fees, batch schedule, faculties, attendance, and examination and user management.
  • Security: The System Administrator can able to add, modify system users, and also set the rights and privileges to particular system resources to particular user.
  • Attendance: maintain the muster for both student and staff.
  • Course Information: To feed the details like course code, name and duration.
  • Enquiry Information: To feed day-to-day enquiry.
  • Faculty Information: To feed the details like faculty name, address, timing, salary etc. i.e. information relating to faculty.
  • Student Material Issue: To feed the material that is to be issued to the student viz. books, bags, identity card etc..
  • Student Information: To feed the information of enquiries which are taking admissions. All the necessary information has to be fed.
  • Student ID Card: Creation of student identity card.
  • Timing Slot: To feed the time slots. These time slots are later used in different forms and reports.
  • Break Students Information: To maintain the records of the students who are going on for a break? This would ask for when and why the break is needed and would also ask for the duration of break.
  • Course Wise Payment: allows the user to enter the payments received from students by respective course codes and under individual course heads..
  • Faculty Wise Daily Activity Form: allows the user to enter the daily progress of students and activities of individual faculties.
  • Fine Entry Screen: Will let the user enter any fine that is received from students on account of various reasons.
  • Material Issue Information: To enter issuance of various materials like books, bags, and stationary etc., issued to students from time to time
  • Payment Information: To enter all the payment received from various sources and credit them under various heads
  • Examination Information: To enter list of students sitting for the examination and the various semesters and papers, each is going to appear for.
  • Marks Information: Is a form to enter the marks that have been secured by the students in their various semesters and examination so that they can be referred to whenever required.
  • Book Master: Is an interface to enter the information about the various course books and also to codify them.
  • Book Issued to Students: Any book that is issued to students will be notified in this form along with date, quantity and code of the book issued and also to which students.
  • Book Purchase: A form to enter fresh purchases made. The details to be fed would be name of the book, book code, rate and quantity.
  • User Management: Maintain the user master and security features.

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