Flower bouquet is the sign of gratitude that one gives to the near and dear ones to make them feel happy. Flower bouquet is the collection of different flowers that is arranged in a creative way. You can also have a flower bouquet filled with not only flowers but also chocolates. It can be used for the home decoration or the public buildings or can be given to the near and dear ones. There are different flower bouquets with varying price. The flower bouquet management system will help in giving surprises to the near and dear ones through these flower bouquets that are ordered online.

Flower Shop Management System

The features that can be included in the flower bouquet management system are as follows:

  • Flower bouquet shops: The customers will be able to search for the different flower bouquet shops that are available near to their places so that they will be able to order online.
  • Delivery boys: There should be some delivery boys available to deliver the flower bouquets to the customers. Each delivery boy will be assigned with a particular area that they need to deliver the flower bouquets.
  • Choice of flowers: The customers can choose the flowers that need to be present in the flower bouquets of their choice.
  • Price and description: The flower bouquets that are available in the shops must be updated and given some descriptions about it. The price of the bouquet must be mentioned clearly.

Some people suddenly plan to give a flower bouquet to their near and dear ones. At that time they may not have time to visit the shops manually and get the bouquet. At these situations, the flower bouquet management system will be of great help. You will get to know of the flower bouquet shops that are present nearby and order online for the bouquets.

Download Flower Shop Management System:

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