The new system titled “ELECTRICITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” was hence proposed to remove all the drawbacks discussed above.
   Information is a vital ingredient for the operation and management of any organization. Thus any system should have the ability to provide error free filtered information after processing the required data. This system has been taken up with a view for developing a more sophisticated system that can be easily handled by any kind of users. The proposed system aims at efficient and timely information for decision-making, integrate with other functions, and reduce redundant work.
Important features of this proposed system are:
Consistent user interface with high economic features built into it.
System design in modular and structured way so as to make the integration with other subsystems easier. User has complete control as it provides and accept only appropriate and valid data. User-friendly error messages are provided wherever necessary. Addition, deletion, modification of records as when needed. Providing connections to new customers. Bill generation for customers.

Project title: Electricity Billing software

Programming Language: Visual Basic 6.0

Download Electricity Billing software source code

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