Clinic is a place where the doctors treat their patients for the disease that they are suffering from. Some clinics will be having only one doctor or sometimes more than one. There are things like storing of patients details, medicines available, appointments etc which needs to be mentioned. The clinic inventory system is an application that will help the doctors, physicians or nurses of the health care organization to track the medical information of the patients and data analysis can be done by the doctors. This application will help in reducing a huge amount of work load for the clinics. This will help in smooth running of the management and administration.

Clinic Inventory System

This will be one of the best project ideas that one can work on. The database should be strong to maintain the details of the patients and the medicines in the clinic. This application will help in maintaining the efficient management of the clinics. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. The features that can be included in the clinic inventory application are as follows:

  • Patient database management: The details of the patient like name, disease that he/she suffering from, medicines given and so on can be stored in this application.
  • Appointments: The details of the appointments that have been fixed by the patients themselves to meet a particular doctor can also be organized well through this application.
  • Medicines: The details of the medicines that are available in the clinic can be updated in this application. It can also provide the information like as to where the medicine is present or which shelf so that it will become easier to search.
  • Inventory details: The details of the inventory that are available in the clinics like stocks can also be updated through this application with great ease.

Programming Language:

  •  Visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access Driver

Download Source code:

Download Project Source Code

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