Form properties in VB.NET

Form properties in VB.NET – The windows form is most useful and mandatory control to build user interfaces. Each time when you add new form it will display the blank form. There are more than 25 properties in the form and in this tutorial we explain main important properties of the form.

When you create new project, the visual studio displays default form name form1. We can add new form from project -> Add windows form menu. Normally the form property window will display in the right side of the visual studio.

The important properties of the form are:

  • Text – The text will appear in the form title bar.
  • BackColor – This will change the back color of the form.
  • BackgroundImage – This is background image property which will insert the image in the background of the form.
  • BackgroundImageLayout – This is to alter the background image layout to Tile, center, stretch or zoom. But we recommend always to stretch the background image.
  • Cursor – This property will change the cursor type.
  • Font – Using this property we can specify the font size, font style and font type.
  • Forecolor – This will change the text color of the form.
  • FormBorderStyle – This will change the border style of the form. The types of border style are None, FixedSingle, Fixed3d, FixedDialog, Sizable, FixedToolWindow, SizableToolWindow.
  • Icon – It has option to upload icon. The icon will display in the left side of the title bar.
  • MaximizeBox – Maximize box False property will disable maximize box in from the title, and true property will enable the maximize box.
  • MinimizeBox – Minimize box true property will enable minimize box and false property will disable minimize box.

Here we explained only the important properties of form and it has many properties like visible, TextAlign, Tag, Margin, Locked, Size, Dock, Anchor which we use very frequently.

Download Example:



Video Tutorial:

Watch this video tutorial and to study in detail.



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