Visual studio dot net framework error

Everytime I tried to install Visual studio 2010, but I get error message saying “The following component failed to install: Microsoft .NET Framework 4”. But today I found the solution for this. This tutorial will explain how to Fix Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Error in Visual Studio 2010 .

The failure message is because of Windows update. Usually windows will not allow to install any frameworks during windows update. So we have to do some manual changes in our operating system. Kindly follow the following steps :

Step 1: Open command.exe with administrator

how to open command mode

Step 2: Type –  net stop WuAuServ

stop windows update in command

Step 3: Rename the folder ‘SoftwareDistribution’ in your windows folder (most Probably ‘C:\Windows\ SoftwareDistribution ‘) to something else like  ‘SoftwareDistribution_old’

Step 4: Now restart the windows update service by entering net start WuAuServ in the command window.

start windows update in command

Step 5: Now start installing Visual studio 2010 software.

Here is the Video Tutorial:



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