No one in the world is exempted from paying taxes. For each and every stuff that we purchase, the tax needs to be paid. It is an offence if the person fails to pay the required tax. People will not be aware of the calculation of the tax that they are paying to the government. They just simply pay that amount specified to them as tax. The tax calculation management system will help in solving this problem. It will help in knowing about the calculation of each and every tax that a person pays to the government. It is the right of every citizen of the country to know about it.

Tax Calculation Management System

The features that can be included in the tax calculation management system are as follows:

  • Tax database management: The taxes that are paid by the people must be updated at regular intervals of time.
  • Consumer database management: The details of the people who pay the taxes must also be managed through a well organized database system.
  • Access at ease: The details of the taxes whether paid or not can be easily obtained just at one click by the customers.
  • Reminder about tax payment: This application can also send a reminder to the people about the non-payment of the taxes. This will ensure the taxes will be paid by the people on time without any extra fine to be paid for late payment.

Sometimes there might be middlemen who might be involved in the tax payment who will ask the people to pay more amount than the required amount. The people at work will not have time to pay the taxes at that time they just go through these middle men to get the taxes paid. This application will ensure that the taxes will be paid on time and can be paid by the people directly through the online mode.

Download Source code:

Download Project Source Code


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