Store Keeper Inventory Management System

As the name suggests, the store keeper inventory management system deals with the managing the details of the inventory of the stores so that the job of the store keepers will be made easier. This will be one of the projects that will be helpful for the wholesale and manufacture businesses since a lot of details of the stocks and other related details must be stored. This will help in reducing most of the pen paper work of the store keepers. This application will be useful for all the businesses ranging from small to large businesses. You can just have one application to manage sales, purchase, stocks, accounts, customer and supplier from a single place.

The features that can be included in the store keeper management system are as follows:

  • Stocks: The details of the available stock in the shop can be maintained through this system application.
  • Accountability: The details of the account related information can be maintained through the use of this application.
  • Customer database management: Even the details of the customers can be maintained in the database in a well organized way. This will also help in allowing discounts to the customers who come regularly to the particular store.
  • Smooth functioning of the stores: This application will also help in smooth functioning of the stores since most of the information regarding the shops can be managed through this application.
  • Sales management: The details of the sales that have taken place on the particular day or month can be managed through this application.
  • Transportation management: Sometimes the stocks need to be transported from one place to another. The details related to this can be maintained through this application.

Discounts: The discounts for the different items can be managed easily through this application.


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