Examination is a certain process of testing a candidate for particular knowledge. If we talk about online examination than the exam process will run on computer systems. Either online or offline examination has same objective. But there are a lot of advantage and disadvantage of both.

Here in this post we will focus on online examination. Today online examinations are conducted by government organizations for recruitment of their staff. In private sector like in coaching , schools , companies online exam is in trend.

Most of time online examination is done in terms of multiple choice questions. A candidate login and start to give a test by reading instructions.

Two categories may be possible first is individual test and second is group. In single person test after completing test score will be display.While in group test  score will be display after particular time duration.

A very big advantage of online examination is this , whole participant can see their ranking from different-different geography places. And data of candidates are stored on computer servers.

There are a lot of organizations which sales online examination project websites. They also custom website according to their client.

Online examination website may start from 4-5 basic web pages to Hundreds of web pages. It depend upon firm who will use this system.

Online Examination Project Idea

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Online Examination System Project Code..

In different regions, theonline examination will be conducted based on the state and central. As they have own database to create online examination for candidates. The most commonly used language in creating online examination is PHP. Yes, PHP code will be implemented in order to create an online examination and the database will be MySQL. This is an easy technic where anyone can implement the code with some basic knowledge and regardingsecurity features also it will be safe compared to other platforms. This software is very useful for online examination. By conduction, the online examination we can reduce the paper consumption, printing the question paper will be reduced and it so user-friendly for theearth. So initially there are lot better things with this online examination, but most importantly we can reduce the mass copying and also save the time in correction. A computer will not make a human-made mistake.

Here we have 3 different kinds of users available, they are System admin, Teacher, and the student. An Admin is a technically skilled person, who will be giving the complete authority to the systems. All the master details can be added or edited or deleted only by the system admin. Whereas the teacher and students need to register into the system to get complete online examination excess. Teachers can login to the system software to add questions for the online examination, whereas the student has to enroll in the system software and login to the online examination portal and answer the question. The system will be accepting only those candidates who have a valid hall ticket number.

There are two types of questions available for online examination.

  • Subjective questions:
    In subjective questions, the students will be provided with multipleanswers for each question. Where they have to pick one answer from those multiple.
  • Descriptive questions:
    In descriptive questions,students will not get any kind of multiple answersto the question. Where they have to solve the problem and answer that question.

Once the online examination gets finished, all the answer will get automatically saved on system database securely in a prescribed manner. Based on the candidate’s hall ticket number and his login details his answers will be saved in his name and hall ticket number. A hall ticket number will be working as a Unique identification number, where it will be easy to find out a person data, profile list and also his marks list.

However, Subjective answers will be directly corrected by the system by default. And for each correct answer, it will mark +1 to there marks list and for awronganswer, there will be -0 negative marking (based on the exam type). Whereas in descriptive answers, this will be manually corrected by the teachers by reading one by one and provide the marks in the marks text box. And finally, the subjective and descriptive marks will be added together and will be displayed as atotal. And the same procedure will continue for all other subject and total marks with the percentage scored.

Advantages of Online Examination System

An examination is a method of judging the knowledge of the student and having a fair and justified mode is the current requirement to avoid exploitation of the deserving candidates. The online examination systems have moved a long way from the traditional pen and paper system to a computerised examination system. This online examination mode is an emerging trend, and almost all the sectors are employing this method of examining the candidates to get fast and high accuracy level. Here are some undoubted advantages of online examination system

Saves money and paper :

When you are using computers for conducting an exam, then you are saving a lot of papers that would have been used up if you provide question papers and answer sheets to the candidates. Saving papers can, in turn, save those precious trees as well adhering to the “go green code”- The current requirement of our planet Earth. Apart from the paper saving aspect, an online examination can also save you a lot of money as you can stay away from the cost incurred in buying the papers.

No chances of cheating on time

An online examination system deploys a timer which is set according to the time limit of the exam, and in no case, any candidate can cheat on the term of the examination. The timer countdown begins as soon as the exam starts and submits the exam as soon as the duration of the exam finishes, so you can have a fair timed system for conducting the online examinations.

Fast results

When you have a paper pen examination, then you need to appoint people for checking the papers, and there are chances of mistakes. But when it is an online examination, the correct answers are already set in the system’s memory, and as soon as the candidate’s responses are analyzed, instant results are obtained saving a lot of time, labour and cost incurred for the payment of the individuals checking the papers of the candidate.

Security purposes

Online examinations are more secure than the traditional pen and paper exams as there are reduced chances of cheating and the time factor that is a vital factor from the examination point of view. The questions also occur randomly thus the neighbours cannot even try of peeping on other’s computer as they will not get anything of their use. The pen paper exam can have alterations in the answers if the invigilators wish to do so, but in an online system, nobody can alter the responses of the candidate after the submission of the exam increasing the security constraint.

Flexibility constraint

In some examinations, another benefit is that the candidates can face exams from their point of convenience rather than reporting at a centre which involves a long process. They just need to have a working internet system, and things can be smoother from the examinee’s point of view.

The points mentioned above are enough to explain the advantages of using the online mode over the offline mode, so a switch to the current mode of examination can be a wise step to be initiated by every examiner for having a smooth and fair examination process.

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