Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers is the powerful tool. The people today are embracing or welcoming the new technologies that are been introduced. It also helps the people to think differently according to the technology. What if the teaching process in the classroom by the teachers can be changed through the improved use of technology? Yes it is possible. The classroom management software application will enable the communication between the teachers and the students through the use of a system. The learning process can be carried out through a system without manual conversation with each other. This will lead to a digital classroom system. This will be one of the interesting projects that one can work on and implement in real time world.

The normal classroom teaching will cause a strain on teachers in many ways. Sometimes there may not be efficient teaching process due to the disturbance created in the classrooms by the students. This will also lead to misunderstanding between the teachers and the students. It will also help in the wastage of time, effort etc. To solve all these problems, the classroom management application will be of great help. The students will be more attracted to the visual stuffs than the theory part. So this will also help in attracting the students in understanding the things better. This software also ensures that the systems of the students will be remote controlled so that they will not misuse it. The features that can be included in classroom management software are as follows:

  • Classroom monitoring: This software ensures that the teachers to see to it that the learning process takes place properly.
  • Teacher screen broadcasting: This software ensures that the students will be able to view the teacher on the screen and listen to her lectures.
  • Remote control of student computers: In order to ensure that the students do not misuse the system, there will be remote control of the students system.

Project title:

Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers

Download source code:

Download Project Source Code


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