All are aware of the famous saying “Health is Wealth”. No one in this world is perfectly alright in case of health. Each and everyone is suffering from some or the other sickness. With the increase in the technology, more applications are being used through the mobile devices. The healthcare organization database project application provides an end to end solution for patient monitoring. The mobile healthcare system has a number of mobile devices and sensors attached to a patient. The data of the patients will be got through this application with great ease. This application will also help in providing real time information provided by the healthcare professionals.

Health care organization Database Project

The duplication of the healthcare services will also be avoided through this application. Time needed to review the patient information will be reduced through this application with great ease. The business can be remotely managed through this application. The quality list of the patients will be increased. The patients information can be brought to the healthcare centers without any difficulty. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on in real time world. The modules that can be included in the healthcare organization database project application are as follows:

  • User verification: For the security reasons, the user verification is very necessary in order to protect the data that is stored.
  • Wearable devices: This will provide support for continuous patient monitoring.
  • Data transmission: This module will ensure that the data gathered by the network sensors are sent to the mobile healthcare centers or the hospitals.
  • Trust evaluation module: Trust means reliability. This is one of the concept that s incorporated in this application through this module.
  • Healthcare system: This module will allow the physicians to access the patients data with great ease.

 Download source code:

download source code

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