Gym Management System developed by Star Link is an excellent solution for gyms with a large/growing number of members. This solution is basically RFID and biometric-based which helps to identify the user and manage their timely memberships. In its working, each member is issued a membership card (smart card) which is valid for a fixed number of gym sessions, or for a particular period of time (say 30 days), or a combination of the two (say 30 sessions in 45 days); totally based on the payment policy. Once the time-frame or number of sessions expire, the machine notifies the member about the payment of renewal.

Hence, the software reduces hassle and any chances of quarrels between the members and the gym management. It can also generate multiple reports like monthly, weekly, daily, session wise. Also, in this solution, there is a provision of both postpaid and prepaid payment policies. This gym management solution can also be used as a Club Management System.

Gym Management Software System

Business Sector: Fitness club sector’s main purpose is to guide the customers to maintain the body fitness and health.  Fitness club will register the customers and guide them to be fit and healthy. Fitness club will provide good equipment and best guiders to the customers to exercise and be fit. The company main business is involving in service to B2B and B2C.

Mission Statement: The mission statement for the Abdul Fitness Club Company is to be the most successful company in the market and give Proper Knowledge about the importance of the fitness. In addition, Company will provide the best service to the customers to welcome them to the fitness club. This can be achieved by providing experienced guiders, good-comfortable equipment’s to use and giving different kind of offers in payment.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Operational Excellence: when the customer wants to join fitness club he will use our website to provide him quick information about our fitness club.
  • Demo Classes: When customer want to join the fitness club, initially they can join for free to check the programmes in the fitness club as demo class.
  • New product and business model: before we used to take only cash payment but after introducing the website we are introducing online payment so the interested customers can make their payment from their house.
  • Customer & supplier intimacy: fitness club will provide good service to customers, so that customers can suggest their friends to join our fitness club.
  • Improve decision making: by having a good system to provide all kinds of summary report to the managers that will be generated by the TPS will have huge impact in our decision making quality, so it will help the managers to find the loop hole and improving area.
  • Competitive advantage: when we provide our customers with easy to use website with features that helps them to collect all the information about our fitness club, we will be ahead of our competitors.
  • Survival: by achieving all of the six objectives above, we will survive this business.

Features :-

  • Reduces the hectic excel sheet reporting
  • Manage membership policies easily
  • Keep records of every member
  • Prior Notification of Payments
  • Multiple report generation
  • Postpaid/Prepaid policy
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  • Prasad

    August 6, 2019 - 8:53 PM

    Where is the download link?

  • Prasad

    July 11, 2019 - 6:08 PM

    Where is the download link?

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