1. Document Management System (DMS) Application or Application for Document Management System / Digitization of Documents.
    -Importing scanned documents (pdf/jpeg/word/txt).
    -Metadata field creation for the imported data.
  2. Storing the Scanned document in the database
  3. Indexing the files in folders & sub-folders – unlimited
  4. OCR and storing of the scanned documents.
  5. Searching the documents through word search on Metadata and OCR content files.
  6. Displaying the query and the scanned file.

Security & Workflow:
a. User creation – Roles & Rights
b. Assigning user right to folder and file level – View, Edit, Delete, Print, Share
c. Workflow – after creating Metadata and OCR – Maker and checker arrangement
d. Sharing option through email
f. Console for providing license

1. Cloud or On-premise application


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