I’m looking to get started with Mendix (low-code platform) and want to do that by working on a side project with someone who is familiar with the Mendix platform.

The side project would work similar to a web based “business model canvas tool”.

The user interface is 5 columns at the top, spaced out equally). Under neath that there are two columns, also spaced out equally.

Here is an example in Whimsical: https://whimsical.com/L3GKVGjCPvcr7we4CEr9r7

The user can add multiple data points in each column (similar to a kanban board). The data points in the beginning can just be a simple string. At a later stage, this can become a collection of different data types.

The owner of this canvas has CRUD rights and other users can READ the canvas.

I would like this application to be available via a web page (under my own domain).

I would like visitors of the main page to be able to
+ login / reset password
+ create a new account

A user can create multiple canvasses.

The goal is to start simple and have a canvas app with the basic functionality. Later the functionality can be expanded.


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