Here we shared Screenshots Of Administrative Management System. There are many matters regarding the college that need to be maintained through the online method with the help of some application. The activities, student details and many matters like this can be better managed by the applications which are capable in doing this task. The administrative management system application will allow the authorities of the college to reduce the pen paper work which is a tedious job. The admission details, students and faculty’s information, feedback system performance of the students, reviews of the particular colleges, suggestions that can be given in some matters needed for improvement can all be dealt easily using the college management system application. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work one and implement in real time world. This application will give the screenshots of the administrative management system.

The user interface must be simple and easy to understand by the common man. The main aim of this project is to enroll a student by entering the ID number, course, first name, last name, year, section, marital status, date of birth, address and semester details. The main objective of this application is to maintain the admission details and student management system. The modules that can be included in the administrative management system application are as follows:

  • File menu registration module: The college authorities can register the new students who have enrolled to the college.
  • Inquiry module: The users can also use this inquiry module to ask about any doubts.
  • Student enrollment list module: This module will give the list of the students who have enrolled into the college.
  • Student records module: This module will give the details of the records of the students with great ease.
  • Master module: This module will be used by the administrator.
  • Help module: This module will pop up any help options that will be necessary at some point of time.

Screenshots Of Administrative Management System:

Screenshots Of Administrative Management System Screenshots Of Administrative Management System

Download screenshots:


Here we uploaded only screenshots of the project. For project source code kindly check in the projects link. If you need any further assistance with this project kindly post your queries in the comment box.


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