Traffic is posing as one of the biggest problems that most of the countries are facing today. People will not know the traffic that is present will be present in the particular area or in the particular route. There will be more traffic congestion during the peak hours. For the emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire engines the traffic poses a great problem. If there is traffic congestion then it will result in the loss of time, fuel etc. To solve these problems, the traffic congestion alert system using GSM will be of great help.

Traffic Congestion Alert System Using GSM

Traffic congestion system automatically alerts the traffic congestion that will be there in the particular area or the lane. This system can be implemented in lanes or the junctions where the traffic is high. In such areas or the lanes, transmitter or the receiver along with the LCD screen can be present. When there is traffic congestion in the particular lane or the junction there can be message displayed in LCD screens. This will indicate the people to take a different route which is free of traffic. In this way it can help people to find a way which is traffic free and not to take the route full of traffic. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and help the people to get proper messages of the traffic congestion in the particular lane or the junction without any delay. This system will help in diverting the traffic and also reducing the congestion. The features that can be included in this system are as follows:

  • Display of message: The message of the traffic that is there in particular lane or junction must be displayed without any delay.
  • Correct display: The message must be displayed in the particular lane or junction without any confusion.

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