Student College Smart Card

Smart card is the card that is issued to the students whichis unique. Through the use of this card various works can be made easier. Whatif there is an application that can help in accomplishing this task? Yes, it ispossible through the use of student college smart card application. Thestudents can use this card in order to get attendance, pay fines in thelibraries etc. The institutions can rely on this systemThis will also ensure that there is no forgery in ID card of aperson of the institution or the organization. This will be one of theinteresting projects that one can work on.

The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The database at the back end must be strong enough if there are many identity related information to be stored. This application will help in ensuring transparency. This application will act as a one stop shop for accessing the identity related information of a particular person in the college. The information that is stored through this application will be secure since only the authorized users will be having access to the system. The data shared will be in secured hands. This smart card can be used in most of the ways in the college by the student. The features that can be included in the student college smart card application are as follows:

  • Database management of the employees or students: The information related to the identity of the person can be stored through this system. It can include the name, place, contact number, name of the institution or the organization and so on.
  • Unique identity: I-D cards will give unique identity to each and every person in the organization or the institution.
  • No forgery: No forgery will be done through the use of this application.

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