Security management System

Technology is being improving day by day. With the increase in technology the security and privacy also matters a lot in case of online applications. There will be many authentications that will be done of done at the time of entering the password. The security attack is an attack through which the password of the user will be identified based on the shoulder movement of the shoulders. In order to avoid such attacks the security management system application is being introduced. This application can help in providing authentication to the user by selecting the particular format. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world with great ease.

This application will allow the user to login to the system by using the online keyboard that is provided through this application. This will be one of the interesting applications that the final year students can implement in real time world. People can rely on this application with great ease for the security purposes. For security purpose this application will be of great help. Privacy will be provided through this application. The features that can be included in the security management system application are as follows:

  • Secure login: The user will be able to login to the system more securely.
  • Password: This application will not allow the attackers to collect the password through the movement of the shoulders.
  • Complex password technique: This application will make use of complex password technique.
  • User friendly: This application will be user friendly since the user interface will be simple and easy to understand even by the common man.
  • Reset password: This application can allow the users in resetting the password if he has forgotten.
  • Easy access: This application can be accessed anytime and anywhere from the world.

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