Secure File Sharing Using Access Control

Sharing of important files without proper security is one of the risky jobs. Security should be provided to the files before sending them to the intended destination. The encryption of the data that is sent from the source to the destination can be encrypted through the use of the various algorithms available like AES, DES. Yes, it is possible through the secure file sharing using access control application. Encryption is one of the techniques for providing security for the data that has been sent by the sender. The encryption will ensure that the data has been received by the receiver itself.  This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world with great ease.

The content of the file can only be obtained to the user after entering the particular key that the receiver has send. This application can help in saving or protecting the data or the confidential information that is stored in the particular file with great ease. There might be chances of some attacks taking place at the time of data transmission. The information that is confidential might be stolen through such attacks. By encrypting the image there is no chance of the data or image being attacked or stolen. It can be decrypted by the receiver on the other end easily. The features that can be included in the secure file sharing using access control application are as follows:

  • Decrypt: Since the algorithms are used only the receiver will be able to decrypt the file.
  • Security: The data will be secured since encryption is used in order to provide security to the files.
  • Files: The files of the user will be stored on the server without any difficulty.
  • File loss: As the files are stored on the server it cannot be lost.

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