Luggage management system

Travelling is one of the craze that most of the people in this world will inculcate in their life. Some people have work in which they require to travel form place to place the whole day. Most of the people enjoy travelling across the globe. But during travelling, the luggage matter a lot. Sometimes import or the export service of the luggage will not be carried out properly. To solve the problem of luggages, the luggage management application will be of great help. It will be one of the interesting project ideas that one can work and implement. This application will help the import or export of the luggage with ease.

Most of the employees find it difficult to import and export the luggages to the intended destination. People will be able manage their luggages with great ease. So the luggages can be delivered to the intended destination with great ease. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. People will have a good time travelling and can be tension free about the import and export of their luggages. People can rely on this application with great ease. The features that can be included in the luggage management application are as follows:

  • Passenger database management: The database of the passengers must be stored in the well organized manner.
  • Luggage: The information related to the luggage of the particular customer must be mentioned properly without any confusion. This will help in the delivery of the luggage to that particular customer.
  • On time delivery: The luggages must be delivered properly on the time mentioned by the passenger itself. Late delivery of the luggages might result in losing the service provided to the customer.
  • Category: The people will be able to send their luggages through the various regions or the countries.

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