Human test is a CGI script written in Perl language which deals with the ideas based on the Captcha project. A captcha is a challenge response test which is used to test whether the user is human or a robot. Most of the time this captcha test will be imbibed during the form submissions for security reasons. Captcha is used as a security check to ensure that only humans pass through this response test. Generally, robots and computers will not be having the capability of solving captcha. It will also prevent the websites from the spammers attack. So this human test project deals something similar to the captcha or the challenge response test.

Human Test

You might have observed that as you take much time to recognize the captcha it becomes tougher in the next attempt. It is because of the advanced technology that is used. Usually this captcha will be imbibed in the websites which include the form submissions. Some spammers use the bots as a weapon in attacking the websites in many ways. So this captcha can prevent these kinds of attacks from outsiders. Before the usage of the human test, you should be sure that the website contains the minimum requirements like web server, CGI-BIN, Perl, File permissions, File access etc. You can include your own unique features in try protecting your website from the attackers. Some features that can be included are as follows:

  • Accessibility: The captchas that are shown must be accessible.
  • Image security: The images that are presented to the user must be distorted properly so that security is provided for the images.
  • Spammers attack: The captcha will prevent the spammers attack if imbibed in the websites where there is form submission.
  • Script security: The code for creating the captcha is not an easy job. Script security for such codes must also be provided.

Download Source code

download source code


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