Human Detector

Security is one of the utmost important factors that each and every one of us needs to consider.

In many of the organizations like banks, restaurants, offices we can see the cameras that will be installed in order to record the video footages within the organization. This will help at the time of any threat detection. It can act as an evidence. What if there is an application that can help in detecting the unusual behavior of the human beings?  Yes, it is possible through the use of human detector application. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world.

The cameras that are installed in the organizations will be continuously recording and saving the footages. But this requires more space for the storage of the footages that are collected on day to day basis. This application will help in overcoming such situations with great ease. People can rely on this application with great ease. Only the unusual changes within the organization will be monitored through the use of this application. Footages can be got easily through this application. The unusual changes include the fire detection, threat detection etc. This application can help in providing enhanced version of security to the organization. The features that can be included in the human detector application are as follows:

  • Alerts: This application can help the users in sending instant alerts related to the unusual activities taking place in the organizations with great ease.
  • SMS alerts: This application can also send SMS alerts to the users with great ease.
  • Easy access: This application can be accessed anytime and anywhere from the world.
  • User friendly: This application will be user friendly since the user interface will be simple and easy to understand even by the common man.




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