HR Attendance System Using RFID

The HR’s are the important part of any organizations that concerns. They are concerned in managing the rules and policies of the organizations with great ease. The HR department is responsible in looking after the employee benefits, training and development, performance appraisal and employee rewarding. All these works instead of managing through the pen paper work it can be managed through the use of the HR attendance system using RFID application with ease. It will be one of the useful projects that one can work and implement in real time. This will reduce a lot of work of the HR department.

The user interface must besimple and easy to understand. The back end database must be strong enough. Thisapplication can reduce the work of the HR’s without any difficulty. The details can be managed easily through the use of this application. People canrely on this application without any difficulty. The features that can be includedin the HR attendance system using RFID application are as follows:

  • Employee database management: The database of the employees will be organized in an orderly manner through the use of this application.
  • Performance based rewards: The employees of the organization can be rewarded based on the performance that one performs in the organization.
  • Reviews: The reviews of the employee performance can be obtained directly from the higher authorities of the organization through this application.
  • Rewards: The reward that is obtained for different employees is kept in track through this application.
  • Report: There will be report that will be produced by the organization based on the performance of the employee. So it can be handled well by the help of this application.
  • Access with ease: The information related to the particular employee of the organization or any other personal details can be obtained with ease using this application.

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