Cancer Prediction Using Data Mining

Cancer is the disease is the disease that is caused due to various reasons. Sometimes there is need of doctor’s support at the time of cancer diseases. As the name suggests, the cancer prediction using data mining application will help in getting the details related to the cancer problems. It can also help the doctors to maintain the details of the patients and also the patients to book the doctor’s appointments with great ease. If there are record of the patients suffering from the cancer and if they belong to the same area then more awareness can be created on cancer has been affecting the people in that area. More precautionary measures can be taken regarding this matter.

This will help in predicting the cancer problems with great ease through the use of this application. The user interface will be simple and easy to understand by the common man. It will be time consuming and needs a lot of effort. The features that can be included in the heart cancer prediction using data mining application are as follows:

  • Admin login: This application will allow the admin to keep the details of the appointments that are taken online with great ease.
  • User login: This application will allow the user to login to the application after registering themselves.
  • Medical history: The medical details of the patients will be updated through this application without any difficulty.
  • Doctor search: The doctors can be searched based on various categories.
  • Appointment availability check: This application can help in check the appointment slot with great ease.
  • Appointment booking online date and time: This application is responsible for the appointment booking date and time.
  • Booking cancellation: The appointments made can be cancelled through this application.
  • Feedback: This application will be responsible for receiving the feedback from the system.

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