Android Vehicle Toll Payment Using 2 Factor Authentication

Roads are the ones through which the vehicles travel in order to reach the intended destination. There are many national highways in our country. If the roads are in good condition, travelling will be easy. In order maintain those roads there will be vehicle tolls set up at different places. We can see queues at different toll gates due to the traffic and the old technology that is used. What if this problem can be overcome through the use of an android application? Yes it is possible through the use of android vehicle toll payment using 2 factor authentication applications.

This will be one of the interesting applications that one can implement in real time world. There can be three users to this application namely the admin, toll handler and the user. The admin can add the toll payment to the application, toll handler can manage the toll and the user is the person with the vehicle. The user need not have cash in his hand. He can transfer the money directly from his wallet through the use of this application. There will be a card that is issued to the user. In order for the security purpose this card will be used along with the thumb impression of the user. In order to avoid the traffic at the toll gates this application can be used with great ease. The features that can be included in the android vehicle toll payment using 2 factor authentication application are as follows:

  • Queues: This application can help in maintaining fewer and shorter queues at the toll gates.
  • Service: This application can help in providing fast and efficient service with ease.
  • Payment: The users can do the payment through the online mode.
  • Management: This application can help in maintain centralized management of the user account.

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