Airline reservation system is the system that is designed for the reservation of tickets of the airways. Sometimes the people will not be able to know about the seat availability in the airways. They need to go manually and book the tickets. People will not know of the exact fare of the airline ticket. Sometimes there will be chance of the people paying more than the ticket fare that is required. The airline reservation system will consists of airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations and passenger records. This application will help in reducing time and reduces the manual effort of going to the airlines to book the ticket.

JAVA based Airline Reservation System

JAVA based Airline Reservation System

The features that can be included in the airline reservation system are as follows:

  • Passenger database management: The airline reservation system can consists of the passenger database in a well organized way.
  • Seat availability: The information regarding the remaining seats and the available seats can be obtained using this system.
  • Fare tariffs: The fare to the particular destination can be also mentioned using this application.
  • Airline schedules: The different schedules of the particular source to the destination can also be mentioned in this application.
  • Passenger reservation: The tickets of the passengers can also be reserved beforehand. The tickets can be booked some months or days back.

The airline reservation system application should have a strong database. The user interface should be simple and easy to understand. This application will be helpful for the people in booking the tickets online and it will help them in preventing the people to manually go to the airlines and book the ticket. This will also provide security to the information of the passengers. More security will be provided than the method through which one will manually book the ticket online in the airlines.

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