Bookstore Management Software

Bookstore is the place where the people will be able to get the books of their choice at reasonable price. There can be textbooks, story books and many other books available at the book store. But if it is the giant bookstore then the management of it will be very difficult. So the Bookstore Management Software will help in maintaining all these details at one stretch. The bookstore management system will help in maintaining the details of the books available, customers details, details of the books given on rent, sales record, employee’s details and many other details can be mentioned in this application.

Bookstore Management Software

The features of the bookstore management system application are as follows:

  • Books database management: The details of the books, author’s name, price of the books sales record of the book and many other details can be maintained in the database through this application.
  • Customer’s database management: The details of the customers like name, books obtained, any pending bills and so on can be maintained in the database.
  • Sales record: The sales of the particular book in a month can be recorded in this system. It can also give information about the annual sales that had taken place.
  • Location of the book: The exact location of the book in the book store can be got through the use of this application. It can give the exact row and the column position as to where the book is present.
  • Books on rent: This application can also contain the details of the books that will be given for rent to the customers

The bookstore management system application will help in maintaining the detail of the bills that are pending to be paid by the customer. This project will be very useful for the people having the huge book stores.


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