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The main aim of the Online help desk project is to provide the information regarding various facilities available in the University campus such as class-rooms, computer center, hostels, gymnasium, mess, canteen, labs, faculty club etc.


Current System

Nowadays, the universities are providing many facilities to the students. But, these facilities are not integrated. Hence, students of university are unable to utilize these facilities when needed and they are facing lot of problems. When a student wants to know the availability of a specific book in the library, he should visit the library to check whether that book is available in library or not. If that book is not available, then the student need to write a request to the librarian or to any concerned authorities in written form about his requirement. This manual process will consume more time and it has poor co-operation & co-ordination.

Proposed System

Online Help Desk (OHD) system is developed to solve these problems. By using this system, the student can know the availability of a specific book in the library quickly. He can know the availability of book at any place. If that book is not purchased by the university library so far, then the student can send the request for that particular book using OHD to the concerned authorities. Hence, the authorities can take the necessary action to provide that book to the college students by making that book available in the library. By using OHD, the student can express their needs and he can utilize the available facilities. It is user-friendly and works very efficiently.



  • OHD should provide the facility to answer for all the queries made by the users by the concerned authorities.
  • It should provide all available facilities of university campus on the intranet. Hence, all students can know the information about these facilities.
  • It should allow the student to post a query on any issue to the concerned authorities.



Operating System: Windows XP or higher

Front End: HTML

Back End: Oracle

Middle Ware: JSP or Servlet with java web server



Processor: Minimum Intel Pentium IV Processor

RAM: 1 GB RAM or more

Hard Disk: Minimum 80 GB HDD

Network: Intranet



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