Online Crime-file Management

The proposed Online Crime file Management project is developed to get details about most wanted criminals, missing persons and to give complaint about the online crimes. Also system user can send mails and chat with other users. To show his availability, each user needs to login to the server and at anytime user can login to this system. This project supports multi-user environment, so many users can login to server at same time and access the information. To store emails temporarily an SMTP Server is required and chat jar files are required to enable the chatting facilities. This project is a web based application and any web server can be used as server for this project. The user can report about any online crimes in this system. Modules • Administrator • Registered Users • Visitors –         are the main modules in this project.   Proposed System Main aim of the proposed project is to develop a system which should give solutions to all the problems we faced in the existing system. It should fulfill the client requirements and provide good security. Manual work is reduced in this user friendly system. We are facing many difficulties and problems when working in the existing system. These problems and difficulties can be reduced or eliminated by the proposed system. The user can decrease his workload and mental conflict by using the proposed system. By using proposed system he can do his work very efficiently and he will complete his work within the given time.


Front End: HTML, JavaScript

Back End: My SQL Server

Language Used: Java 2(EJB2.0, JDBC, JSP, Servlet, and Java Mail)

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/7

Platform: J2EE Web Servers: Web Logic8.1/Tomcat 5.0

Web Browsers: Internet explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome


Processor: Minimum Pentium III/AMD Athlone XP Processor or higher

RAM: Minimum 128 MB or more

Hard disk: 20 GB HDD or more

FDD: 1.44MB

Monitor: Minimum 14 inch screen monitor

Mouse: 3 Button scroll/ Wireless mouse

CD Drive: 52 X

Keyboard: Minimum 108 keys