Issue Tracker SystemThe Issue Tracker System project provides various facilities like search facility, issue raising, issue resolution and help info. In this project, the employees of different departments can raise the issues related to software projects. Also they can track and solve the issues. By using this system, the different groups and representatives can interact each other. The users can access the resolved issues from Knowledge Base as Knowledge elements. The Issue Tracking system is an intranet application.

The issue tracking system reduces the involvement of middlemen in solving a particular issue or problem. It will do all the jobs that are done in the conventional system. But, this system works very efficiently and it is user-friendly. By using the Issue Tracking System, the users of organization can interact with each other easily. This system works as an interface between the employees. It allows the employees to send their issues to the centralized Issue tracking system. Hence, this system is very useful for both the issue raiser and the resolver.

The Issue Tracking system provides detailed information about all issues in software projects. This system is very useful for all departments of a software organization. In the conventional method, all the issues are solved manually. Hence, it takes more time to solve the issues. A person will check the progress of the issues. But, Issue Tracking system will fulfill the different requirements of administrator and employees of a software development organization efficiently. It will solve the issues quickly and efficiently. The main purpose of this system is to track and resolve issues that arise in different software projects handled by the organization.

In a software organization, various issues like proposals, objections, complaints of employees, conflicts between peers, applications, suggestions and requests are passed via the HR Department or the Head of the concerned Department. The traditional system takes more time to track and solve the issues of a organization. It involves lot of manual work to solve an issue. This system solves a issue or conflict but it consumes more time. Issue Tracker system is developed to reduce the manual work in solving the issues of an organization. This system solves the issues quickly and efficiently.


Java (J2SE, Servlets, JDBC and Java Script)


Processor: Intel Pentium III or higher with 700 MHz Clock Speed

RAM: Minimum 128 MB RAM

Hard Disk: 20 GB HDD or more

32 Bit PCI Ethernet Card

Mouse: Optical mouse

Keyboard: 104 keys


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