Internet banking in JAVA

Internet banking in JAVA

Nowadays, internet is widely used in many systems like train, bus ticket reservations, banking and other systems.  The main advantages of internet banking system are given below.

  • In this system, the person need not be present at the place.
  • It reduces the manual work and saves our time.
  • The user can make bank transactions quickly and safely.
  • It is very secure system

The only drawback of this system is, it compulsorily requires the costly personal computer.

Today, we can make banking using simple and cheaper hardware such as mobile phones and other handheld devices. The mobile phones provides much better mobility than PCs. The technology is moving towards mobiles, because it has wide spread acceptability and usage. We developed many software and protocols for the banking using mobiles. In this project, we are connecting the mobile to bank database using WML scripts and java technology.

In today’s age of new opportunism and emerging technologies, there is a new communications infrastructure for making the transactions of a bank. This opportunity is mobile banking (M-banking). It will drive new levels of intense competition in the finance industry. By removing the traditional restrictions of geographical location and high entry costs, Mobile banking achieves these goals. Here, the user can use his mobile to check his account balance and to transfer funds and to make payments.

The main features of the Mobile Banking are given below:

Check Balance: The user can check the balance of his account and the latest transactions.

Mini statement: user is allowed to view the transactions made and he can create mini statement of his daily transactions.

Transfer Funds: By using this system, the user can transfer the amount to his family members, friends or any other persons.

Request Cheque Book: Here, the user may request the cheque books according to his requirements (like 10 leaves, 50 leaves and 100 leaves).

Stop Payment: The users can stop payment of cheques. It reduces misuse of cheque.

Configuration: He can configure the functions concerning account payment and code etc.

Software Requirements

Platform – Windows NT/XP OS

Front End: Java

Back End – My SQL 4.0

Nokia tool kit

Software – web logic server 7.0

J2SDK 1.4

Tools – JSP, XML, wml, use bean, Servlets &java script


Hardware Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium III based system or higher

Processor Speed: Minimum 250 MHz

RAM: 256MB RAM or more

Hard Disk: Minimum 30GB HDD or more

Mouse: optical mouse

Keyboard: 104 keys

Monitor: Color Monitor



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