Ezee Mail System

The main aim of this project is to develop a fully functional Ezee Mail System that allows the members of the organization to communicate with each other. This system should be reliable, cost effective and it should work very efficiently. By using this system, the organization can improve the performance of its teams in the corporate sector.

This system should provide the following facilities to its users:

  • The submitted mails should be delivered to the appropriate person only.
  • The system should provide the facility to review mails from the respective folders.
  • It should accept the mails from the authorized users.


Nowadays, effective communication has become an integral part of organization. The fast development of intranet provides an innovative tool to the construction and design team for solving these growing communication challenges.

A project specific intranet stores the mails information and the organizational information  like user’s details including the personal information and information requests in the database server. By using Ezee Mail System, the team members can access this information. In this system, the server content can be easily updated with new or revised data. This flexible approach is very useful for geographically remote project teams. They can access accurate, consistent and timely information without expensive mailing, distribution and printing charges. The main purpose of the Ezee Mail System is to provide a communication channel for the members of organization on the network.

This Ezee Mail System provides a communication system in an organization. By using this system, the users can send and receive the information between each other. This system is user-friendly and works very efficiently.


Operating System: Windows XP/2000 OS or higher

Front-end: HTML, JavaScript.

Back End: Oracle 8i.

Web-Server: Tomcat Server.

Client Browsers: Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

Communication Architecture: Servlets.


Processor: Intel Pentium III Processor with 700 MHz Clock Speed or higher

RAM: Minimum 128 MB RAM

Hard Disk: 20 GB HDD or more

32 Bit PCI Ethernet Card

Mouse: Optical Mouse

Keyboard: 104 keys



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    better to post total project……..

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    better to post total project……..

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