The main objective of the E-Cops project is to develop the centralized Crime Information Management system for sharing the critical information across all the police stations efficiently.

The crime prevention, detection and conviction of criminals are very important in the Crime Information Management System. Based on the quality of information a police can derive from the existing records and the time he takes to access that information, we can know the efficiency and effectiveness of the policing function in investigation of the crime. By using this system, the users can share the crime information quickly and efficiently.

The proposed system is better than existing system in terms of security. The proposed system provides best security to the stored crime records through cryptography. By using this system, the user can generate the information for proactive and preventive measures for the crime. E-Cops system is developed to centralize the Crime Information Management. By using this system, the cops can share the critical information across all Police Stations in the territory. Initially, we can implement this system across Cities and Towns and can be interlinked. In this way, a Police detective can access the information in all crime records across the state. So, he can successfully complete a crime case and arrest the criminal. This system is very user-friendly and easy to use.



Operating System: Windows 2000/XP or higher

Technologies: Core Java.



Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

RAM: Minimum 128 MB

Hard Disk: 5 GB HDD or more

Key board: 104 keys

Mouse: Optical Mouse

Monitor: Colour Monitor



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