Digital Encryption System


Nowadays, we are using modern computer networks to distribute the documents quickly. These networks are economical. Because, the price of the equipment that is used to copy, to print and to process the information is reduced. The adoption of electronic distribution of copyrighted material is accompanied by the illicit distribution and illicit copying.

So, now people require a technology to protect their work, to avoid such illegal activities and to trace the distribution of a document. Cryptography and Steganography are two cousins in the spy craft family. The technology of hiding a message or file within another message or file is called as Steganography. This technology prevents the detection of hidden message and it hides the message from others. By using Cryptography technology, we can scramble a message. So that, others are unable to understand that message. This technology protects the message from unauthorized persons.



Operating System: Windows (32 bit) XP/2000 or higher

Software: JAVA



Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

RAM: Minimum 128 MB

Hard Disk: 5 GB HDD or more

Key board: 104 keys

Mouse: Optical Mouse

Monitor: Color Monitor




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