Vehicle Over Speed Control System


The main aim of the Vehicle Over Speed Control project is to monitor the speed of the vehicle. It should decrease the speed of the vehicle by using the proximity and wireless sensors. This project is very user-friendly and works efficiently.


1) RF transmitter or school zone module

2) RF receiver or vehicle module

– are the two main modules of Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for the school zone.

In this system, the radio frequency waves are used to establish the communication between the vehicle and the school. The RF transmitter will transfer the data to the vehicle. After receiving the data, the vehicle will automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed to the limited speed. The RF waves can be accessed within its range.

By using this system, we can read and control the data received from the vehicles. Then, it will process that data by using the microcontroller. The LCD module will display the speed of the vehicle and the RPM. When the vehicle crosses its speed limit, then the alarm will alert the driver.



1) This system costs very less and it is easy to use.

2) It requires less power.

3) By using this system, we can save energy.



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