DC Motor Controller Using PWM


The main objective of DC Motor Controller Using PWM project is to control the operation of a DC motor using Microcontroller PIC16F73. By using Pulse width modulation technique, this project controls the operation of a DC motor. This project is user-friendly and works very efficiently.


The microcontroller unit and key pad are the main parts of this project. The keypad contains three keys. One key is used to increase the speed, second key is used to decrease speed and third key is used to change the direction of the motor. The microcontroller program is written in assembly language.

DC motor contains two terminals. They are positive terminal and negative terminal. If voltage is given to the DC motor, the motor runs in a particular direction. If the polarities are reversed, DC motor runs in the opposite direction. The DC motor is energized via the driver section (FET Z44).

Microcontroller PIC 16F73 is the main part of this project. The microcontroller unit produces different PWM pulses. The user can change the pulses with the help of keypad. According to the pulse generated, the microcontroller will transfer signal to the driver section. By using this system, the user can control the direction and speed of the DC motor.



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