Student And Employee Housing Management System – Some of the students of the institutions and the employees of the organization come from different places and they require the hostels or the housing facilities which must be provided by the institutions and the organizations. But sometimes to find a proper housing which will be near to the institutions or the organizations will be a tedious job. To solve these problems, the student and employee housing management system will play a major role. It will help the institution and the organizations to find the best housing project that is possible. They can depend on such system for easy management.

Student And Employee Housing Management System

The features that can be included in student and employee housing management system are as follows:

  • Database management of the houses: The database of the houses that are available for rent or sale must be maintained in a well organized manner. People should be able to get the list the houses just in one click.
  • Category: The customers can search for the houses based on rent or sale, regions, country, 2BHK or 3BHK and many more. This will help the customers to filter the items properly and search for the right house that they need.
  • Property management database: The database related to the properties that are available must be stored in the database in a well organized way.
  • Description: The description of the properties that are available must be given in more detail.
  • Secure place: The organizations and the institutions must see to it that the houses or the properties that have been purchased are a safe place to live.

Organizations which will provide their employees with the housing facilities can depend on this system. This will create transparency between the employees and the organization. For easier management of the housing projects they can depend on this system which can be handled easily.

Download source code:

Download Project Source Code

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