Shopping Website With Payment Gateway : Nowadays most of the purchasing of the items that are needed for the daily basis, can be got through the online mode. There are many shopping websites like Amazon, Flip kart, snap deal, Jabong, Shop Clues and many more. People without wasting much energy in going to the shops to buy the shopping items that are required can purchase it through the shopping websites. The shopping website is the application that allows the users to shop online without going to the shops to buy them. This will help in saving the energy, fuel, time needed to do the shopping by going to the shops. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on real time world. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The database must be strong enough to hold all the information.

Shopping Website With Payment Gateway

Shopping Website With Payment Gateway

The modules that can be included in the shopping website are as follows:

  • Main And Login Page: The users can login to the website using the login details like username and password.
  • Product Category Display Page: The products that are present in the shopping website can be displayed through a page.
  • Production Selection Screen: The product can be selected based on the category, company etc that are present on the shopping website.
  • Product Search Result Screen: The products can be searched through this screen. If there are no products then it will show that are no products in the shopping website.
  • View Cart Screen: The products that are entered ant the quantity will be present in the view cart screen.
  • Order Details Screen: The details of the orders that are ordered by the customers will be present in this module.
  • Order confirmation Screen: This screen will show the final screen in buying process. This module will confirm the order placed by the customers.

Programming Language:

  • Front End: ASP.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

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