Now a days the internet popularity made online trading popular, which is about the online purchae and sales of shares, one of the extremely poplular means of stock trading. This Online Stock Trading system project helps users to buy or sell shares through online. New users can register through online. After the registration they can login by entering login credentials. After Login users can check the different company trading share values, buy selected company’s number of shares, sell shares which already bought earlier, find out the price alerts, know about the price alerts, and user account balance details.

This provided Online Share or Stock trading system. ASP.NET(VB) web technologies used and Microsoft Access Driver(MDB) used as backend of the project. A web-based application which will manage stock inventory so easily. Dashboard, Stock Management, Purchasing, Sales, Customers, and Payments are the features of the website. Nice look and feel interface. The system displays total profit/loss after the sales transaction.

How Trading works

The customer or investor has to register with an online trading website. The person who deals online trading we call him as BROKER. In this system it supports for NSE and BSE trading. In the stock exchange panel the investor or customer can buy and sell stocks by placing order.

Online Stock Trading system

Programming Language:

Web based user inteface with ease of use Developed in Asp.Net and backend is Microsoft Access Driver MDB.

How to trade online?

  1. The first step to trade online is to Open a demat and trading account.
  2. Before starting to invest it’s advisable to learn about the different financial instruments
  3. You need to ascertain your investing strategy i.e. are you an investor or a trader. An investor holds his investments for medium to long term. Where as a trader generally has an investment horizon of a few months. You need to decide what your trading strategy is.
  4. Now that you have opened your demat and trading account, learned about the different financial instruments and also ascertained your investment strategy, it is now time to place your order and keep a track of them.

Database tables of Online Stock Trading system

  • bo_symbol
  • user_account
  • ns_symbol
  • bse
  • nse
  • user_data
  • stock_Elist

Download Project Source Code

Note: This student project is for reference purpose only. Do not submit this for your college project.

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